There is a lot happening locally with people welcoming family members through the Ukraine Family Scheme and also hosting visitors as part of the Ukraine Sponsorship Scheme. At the time of writing there are 29 confirmed matches of sponsors and guest families within the Maldon District.

Good networks are building up within our towns and villages of people preparing to welcome guests to their homes as they work out the practicalities, including visa applications, having their homes checked by Maldon District Council and finding schools. Through social media and attending meetings we are aware of many offers of wider support for families when they arrive including help with translation, language lessons, social groups, and sports and activities for the children.

The Migrant and Refugee Community Hub will have had its first meeting on 26th April at the Fullbridge Church in Heybridge. Information packs, local to the Maldon District, in both Ukranian and English are being produced to cover many of the issues likely to arise.

Citizens Advice have information on their public website which is constantly updated and will be helpful to either the hosts or visitors.

Offering to let someone from Ukraine stay with you

Bringing family members from Ukraine to the UK

Advisers within Citizens Advice have access to more detailed information than on the public site, so if you have any queries, please do get in touch.

We can help with understanding the benefit system and special rules which have been put in place and, as well as giving advice, can help with making benefit applications.

We look forward to hearing from you about this, or any other issue.

  • Telephone: 01621 875774, leave a message and an adviser will return your call
  • Email:
  • Drop in: Monday 10-12 The Surgery, Bentalls Centre, Heybridge (in the car park opposite Asda)
  • Appointments can then be made in our main, Maldon, offices for further advice if this is appropriate.